Meet Our   Tutors

Antony Sikorski

Hayley Fong

Hi! My name is Antony, and I am a third year at UCSD pursuing a major in Mathematics. I have been tutoring for about five years, and I specialize in mathematics and physics. What started off as helping out some of my friends in their difficult math classes quickly turned into a passion of mine, as well as a fantastic learning experience. I enjoy tutoring because I find nothing more rewarding than seeing the realization in student's eyes when they conquer a concept that previously seemed impossible. My goal is to provide the necessary guidance and support to make sure that moment happens more and more often.

Rachel Gaudesi

Hello! My name is Rachel Gaudesi and I’m a third year studying microbiology at UCSD. Tutoring is a unique opportunity to bond with a student. As a tutor it is my duty to further deepen students' understanding of content and love of learning. I’ve previously tutored younger kids throughout my high school career and have a true passion for working with kids. I’m willing to face any challenge head on with an open mind and guide those I tutor through the process. Reaching that light at the tunnel's end, culminating in that aha moment is enriching for both teacher and student.

Hello! I’m Hayley. I’m a fourth year Chemistry major at UCSD. This is my sixth year of tutoring and I specialize in chemistry and mathematics. No two students learn the same way, so a personalized approach is the most effective way to teach. What I love most about tutoring is being able to establish a bond with students and watch their progress. As my students grow, so do I. That in itself is easily the most rewarding thing about teaching. In addition to teaching I enjoy working in lab, hiking, reading and listening to music. In my opinion, a well rounded and balanced lifestyle is key to success.


Lwin Dumont 

Hey there! My name is Lwin, and I’m currently a third-year studying Chemical Engineering at UCSD. I specialize in math and chemistry, though I have a love for physics and writing as well.  In the past, whenever I encountered  obstacles in my school work, I always had a support-group of peers and mentors to help me through. As a tutor, I hope to pay this forward by helping my students comprehend difficult topics and overcome their obstacles. Tutoring provides an opportunity for growth for both the teacher and student. I approach every lesson with enthusiasm and patience to make learning enjoyable and effective!