"Alex has provided our daughter with tutoring services for two years. To say he’s a miracle worker is not an exaggeration! Our daughter went from barely passing honors chemistry to closing the year out with an A. Even better, she went from hating the class and lacking confidence to being interested, engaged and confident in her ability. Not only is Alex incredibly smart — he’s an incredible teacher and a nice person on top of it. He is able to explain complex material and concepts in a digestible way and then checks to ensure the concepts are fully understood. He’s passionate about giving his students the tools to succeed and is equally invested in boosting their confidence and enjoyment of learning. I can’t say enough and we are grateful to have been one of his early clients."

~Vikki Sherman

Mother of 11th grader

~Heather Harris

Mother of 11th grader.

"I highly recommend Tutors and Friends! I really wish I was aware of them a LOT sooner. We would have hired them when High School started. Not only is Alex and his team very helpful, they are very professional, calm and super knowledgeable. My daughter is in Pre-Calculus and ended up with a less-than-helpful teacher. But our troubles ended when we called Tutors & Friends. Math has always been a soar subject and let's just say our kids don't like to learn from us. All of the emotion and frustration this class created was removed by having an expert like Nadine calmly explain through any math problem and help study for the exams. Alex is very flexible with our busy schedule and has been even more accommodating with these changing times with online learning. Tutors & Friends was able to shift quickly and still keep up with highly effective tutoring despite not being in person. I can't say enough wonderful things about this organization, they are a great value for something you just can’t put a price on."

"My son has been tutored by Alex Stein for about 1 1/2 years. Alex has tutored him in Integrated Math I & II and some Spanish and Physics. He has also been tutored by other tutors that work for Alex. Most of them are college students with a lot of knowledge in Math and Physics.He has worked well with Nadine and Hayley. The tutoring has helped my son a lot to reinforce the material and build his confidence, which has helped him do better on tests and quizzes. I would highly recommend this tutoring service by Alex and his tutors."

~Lisa LaRocco

Mother of 10th grader

~Helen Hayden-Wade

Mother of 10th grader

“For those parents looking for a dependable, trustworthy and ethical tutor with whom your children will actually enjoy meeting, look no further than Alex Stein and his team at Tutors & Friends. Alex has been tutoring my two daughters, ages 15 and 13, for the current school year, in AP Chemistry and Math, respectively. Both girls have benefited greatly from their sessions with Alex, and as their confidence has increased in these subject areas, so have their grades, and, most importantly, their self-esteem. My husband and I have no reservations whatsoever recommending Alex to anyone looking for an excellent tutor. In fact, during this time of distance learning due to COVID-19, Alex has worked flexibly and supportively with each student. He exhibits patience and understanding across a diverse array of situations and has a style that puts each student at ease. You will not regret your decision to move forward with Alex and his skilled team at Tutors & Friends!”