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Tutors & Friends is a local San Diego company which provides top-of-the-line tutoring and mentoring services to students all over the country. We are driven by the success of our students, and strive to help them excel in every academic area. Our mission is to educate, ignite curiosity, and foster critical thinking in the communities we serve. Whether its polishing skills the day before a test or a longer journey to academic success we've got your back!

Alex and Sarah Stein are San Diego Natives, Point Loma High grads, and UCSD grads. Alex graduated with a B.S. in Molecular Synthesis from UCSD in 2018. He is a published author and received a certification in Chemistry from the American Chemical Society. Sarah obtained a B.A. in the Psychological Sciences from UCSD in 2021. Today they are fully committed to sharing their passion for learning with students. They founded Tutors & Friends with the intention of inspiring others to pursue their dreams no matter how ambitious. With the right determination, and a little help from our friends, anything and everything we put our minds to can be accomplished.